Lim’s Hawaii Kenpo in Pinedale, Wyoming is dedicated to teaching the principals and techniques of Grandmaster George Lim and Professor Patrice Lim of
With headquarters in Arizona, Lim Kenpo Karate LLC has numerous schools in Arizona, South Dakota, Austria, Portugal and Wyoming.


Hawaii Kenpo is a realistic art of self defense. A Kenpo practitioner (when provoked and as a last resort) has a kamikaze, “go for broke” and animal-like attitude for self preservation. A Kenpo practitioner devastates an opponent using multiple blocks, punches, strikes and kicks continuously and in unison. A Hawaii Kenpo practitioner takes the gifts that are given to him and gives them back ten-fold.

Hawaii Kenpo Karate has the reputation of being moko moko because it provides the ability to continuously strike an opponent with great force, power and speed without stopping. Although a Kenpo practitioner has these skills, his or her demeanor is humble and good-hearted
Lim’s Hawaii Kenpo Sifu R. Brent Dean was introduced to the principals and techniquesof Lim’s Hawaii Kenpo in    2000 . Impressed and inspired by the emphasis on honor, courtesy, honesty, restraint, loyalty and service, as well as the incredibly effective and potentially devastating physical techniques that are a hallmark of Hawaii Kenpo, he became committed to studying Lim’s Hawaii kenpo. He was promoted by Grandmaster George Lim in February, 2010 to 4th degree black belt.  Having earned his teaching certificate, he is proud to offer the teachings of the Lim Kenpo Ohana in the Pinedale area.

Head Instructor